About Resalt

Resalt is an associated network of interactive, independent, professional consultants who supply services to farmers and agri-businesses.

Resalt uses Holistic principles in their approach to problem solving. This implies that every input must be seen in relation to the bigger whole of which it forms part.

Resalt offers creative and innovative support to their clients. These solutions are not driven by the sale of products, but grounded in a set of basic principles:

Respect, Integrity, Enjoyment, Knowledge, Creativity, Sustainability.

Our World

Internationally, farmers are facing ever-increasing demands. They have to curtail costs, increase production and improve the quality of their crops. Furthermore, this must be done in an environmentally friendly way, while also improving the quality of life for all associated. Resalt, being in partnership with farmers, thus faces the same challenges.

Sustainable farming requires knowledge, dedication, skill, and the correct choice of partners. General 'recipes' are no longer good enough if farmers want to succeed in the ever-changing world of international competition. To stay ahead requires a knowledge-based, holistic approach to management and the co-operation of all participants in the production chain. This holds true for any other business.

Resalt is a team of highly-skilled and experienced agricultural specialists offering their collective services from a structured and focused platform. Success, now more than ever, depends on the integration of knowledge and skills in customized, co-operative business associations.

Ensuring you the best advice

Our admin office will route your enquiry to the best- suited consultant, and manage your project to ensure quick, efficient completion. The consultant will communicate directly with you to quantify the project and obtain all the information required to address the problem. Once you have accepted the scoping report and quotation, your project will be activated and completed as soon as possible. The final report will be sent to you from our admin office.

Independent Consultants     Interpretation of Analyses
Independent consultants, holistic management • An association of   professionals   whose expertise   and experience   cover a broad   spectrum of agric-   associated fields.

• A holistic approach   is followed to unlock the potential of different management systems.

    Interpretation of analyses, soil, leaf, water, plant, food, nutrients • The correct   interpretation of   analysis and   information is   as important as   the analysis.
• Soil, leaf, water analysis and supporting   data are evaluated to form part of a   sustainable and management approach.
• This is the first step in transforming   information into intelligence.
• We also offer whole farm analyses,   training and product development.
Fertilizer Recommendations     Crop Specific Advice
Fertilizer recommendations, organic, chemical, water soluble, manure, biological, sustainable • Independent and   objective advice on   the nutrition of   various crops are   not driven by   products to be   marketed.
• Customised   recommendations to suit your specific requirements.
    Crop specific advice, cereals, wheat, tomatoes, nuts, pastures, green house • Expert advice is   given on optimizing   soil plant and   climate interaction.
• Each consultant   specializes in   different crops
  which includes the   following:

Citrus, Fruit, Grapes, Wine,
Olives, Figs, Nuts, Pomegranates
Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes,
Flowers, Vegetables, Tunnel crops
Cereals, Pastures and Cover crops
Environmental Services     Soil Health
environmental service • On farm   composting of   organic   materials.
• Energy crops   and alternative   business opportunities.
• Plans for wine cellars, fruit pack   houses,etc.
• Soil Studies for commercial as well as   agricultural EIAs
• Rehabilitation of construction sites
    Soil Health, biological, sustainable, food quality, crop rotation • Sustainable   production by   application of   biological   principles.

• Practices aimed at improving the   organic content of soils.
• Developing customised Crop Rotation   Systems.
• Reducing chemical inputs in crop   production.
• Rehabilitation of soil.
• Soil preparation for long term crops.
• Productive utilization of marginal soils
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Bennie - soil,compost,biological,olives,figs,grapes Bennie Diedericks - Hons B.Sc. Agric (Soil Science)

Bennie heads the team of professional consultants at Resalt. He has 25 years of practical experience in various fields within commercial agriculture. This includes research, product development, fertilization, composting, soil and cultivation practices and training. As a proponent of holistic management he strives to unlock potential from systems by offering creative,
sustainable solutions that encompasses the wholes associated with the system. ...read more
Jozua Jozua Lambrechts - B.Sc, B.Ed

Jozua is also an associate consultant of the Savory Institute, the pioneers of the holistic approach to decision-making and management and creators of the Holistic Management Framework that is used internationally by farmers. He works with families, businesses and communities to improve their quality of life. By working from the whole or big picture, Jozua ensures that financial, social and ecological risks are reduced and that planning and management processes on these aspects can be effectively utilised in a sustainable manner. ...read more
Charus du Plessis - M.Sc. Agric (Pr. Nat. Sci.) Agronomy

Charus specializes in evaluation and interpretation of farm data for advanced farming systems. He views this as the starting point in the development of people which is of cardinal importance in any decision based system like farming.

Charus has 28 years of practical experience in commercial agriculture and specialized fertilizer approaches including biological-, sustainable-, precision-farming and remote sensing.
His knowledge about crop response on different fertilizer products makes him a leader in the field of high yielding sustainable yields of high quality. ...read more
michiel meets Michiel Meets - M.Sc. Botany

Michiel has 17 years' experience in agriculture and environmental studies. He currently specializes in effluent water management, environmental management plans, alternative crops and sustainable agriculture practices.
Pietersarel de Bruyn Pietersarel de Bruyn - M Agric. Admin

Pietersarel is an agricultural economist and a farmer and has been involved in all the facets of the essential oil and related industries since 1994. This covers practical experience and consultancy from the nursery to the design and build of processing plants. He is also involved in adding value and marketing of the products. ...read more
Nico Wasserfall Nico Wasserfall - M.Sc. Agric Soil Science (Pr.Nat.Sci.)

Nico Wasserfall is a Soil Scientist with specialized knowledge and experience in quantifying soil potential and terroir development. This work forms the basis of new agro developments as well as redevelopments on farms. Nico focuses on a holistic approach through the integration of scientific principles and practical solutions to identify the most sustainable and economic viable outcome for the client. ...read more
Lindi Grobler Lindi Grobler is an independent consultant and through her company Agri-Alchemi, supports growers and industry with agricultural advice needed for sustainable and quality production.
Agri-Alchemi's services includes:

• Customized nutritional fertigation and fertilization programs
• Advice on pertinent fertilization, fertigation and irrigation practices
• Support with sustainable growing practices relating to soil health
• Growing medium management
• Crop management - production, quality and quantity
• Training for staff, growers and management

Registration of fertilizers, product registration renewals, product evaluations and pertinent information needed for registration finalization, is also a service offered to the industry.
...read more